Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Where have all my images gone?

Very funny, Google! All of the images have disappeared from this blog.


Stephen Luttrell said...

I've now uploaded all of the images again.

Stephen Luttrell said...

Looking at the pattern of missing images across my Blogger blogs, it seems that the oldest posts all survived intact, but later on all images had disappeared (though videos survived). I guess that images must have been stored in different places for posts made at different times, and that one (or more) of these repositories is now broken.

This doesn’t bode well for long-term archival storage!

Anonymous said...

Back in 1992 you were incredibly full of yourself, describing your then efforts as being out in the desert eating locusts and honey. You gave the distinct impression you thought of yourself as the Messiah of neural networks and all the other people in the area fools who had failed to recognize your genius.

I wonder now 21 years later if the literature now affords you the worship you predicted. Have the fruits of your labour fermented into a heady wine you can now enjoy at the pinnacle of academia?