Wednesday, January 09, 2008

NanoArt 2007 voting

I blogged a couple of times before about NanoArt 2007, see here (background information on the competition) and here (my 5-frame animation competition entry).

The NanoArt 2007 voting is now open here (I don't know why the year 2006 appears in this link!) until 31 March 2008.

Here are the voting steps (you can go straight to vote for my entry here):

  1. Click on the album thumbnail to open the album.
  2. Click on the image thumbnail to view the image.
  3. Click on the number of stars you would like to rate this image.

My entry is different from the others because it is an animated GIF that you view here; this link is quoted beneath the static GIF that is displayed on the NanoArt 2007 competition web page. Unfortunately, the static GIF looks really boring, so I don't have much hope that many people will discover that my entry is actually an animation. Never mind, at least I tried.

Update (17 January 2008):

It is fascinating to watch the votes accumulate. At each stage you can see the number of votes cast thus far and their average rating, so if you take a peek often enough you can deduce each vote as it is cast, provided that the total number of votes is not so large that there are rounding errors in the average rating.

There is obviously someone who is trying to "spike" my entry by voting with a rating 0/5, whilst all the other votes that I have received have a high rating. How pathetic is that?!

Although I am curious to observe the pattern of voting, it is not that important to me what score I get because I have already achieved my goal which was to create an animated nanoartform. I would be interested to hear of any prior examples of this artform.


Anonymous said...

while i haven't done a detailed assessment of the 'marks' here, you do seem to be doing OK.

Stephen Luttrell said...

It is no longer possible to deduce the individual votes because the total number of votes is now too large to do that accurately. I am happy with my average score of 3.5/5 thus far.