Thursday, November 29, 2007

Enigmatic movements

I have decided that my Mathematica solutions to the New Scientist Enigma problems are cluttering up this blog, so I will move them to a separate blog called Enigmatics which I will generate using the incredibly useful WorkLife FrameWork; believe me, using WLFW is like having a 24/7 personal assistant organising all of your Mathematica notebooks. This allows me to present my solutions in a form that is much closer to the original Mathematica, but it does not allow for comments on blog entries.

I have looked into the possibility of managing the comments myself, but the effort needed to counter the inevitable spam is too great. I will instead provide a link in each Enigmatics blog entry back to this blog, which will allow comments to be made using the Blogger commenting system.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see an enigmatic contribution to CV Johnson's Asymptotia (well, I assume that is what it is). Happy New Year.

Stephen Luttrell said...

The spoor I left here seems to be uniquely identifiable! Happy New year to you too, whoever you are.