Friday, October 19, 2007

Ising model simulation - online software

I showed here how to use Mathematica (version 6) to create an interactive simulation of a 2-dimensional Ising model, but the software could be used only by people who owned their own copy of Mathematica. I reported here that Wolfram had now made available the Mathematica Player online conversion system for transforming Mathematica notebooks into a form that can be run by the Mathematica Player.

I have submitted my Ising model notebook for online conversion, and I have uploaded the converted notebook here (855 kB) plus a zipped version here (26 kB).

The Mathematica Player can be downloaded from here.

I would be interested to hear from anybody who does not have Mathematica (version 6) whether they can successfully get this converted Ising model notebook to work. I would particularly like comments on the ease of use of the zipped version, because this is by far the more disk-space-efficient way of doing things.

Update: Since no-one has responded yet to say that that they have succeeded in getting my converted Ising model notebook to work with Mathematica Player, I decided to install Mathematica Player on my old notebook PC (which didn't have Mathematica already installed) to check things out for myself. I downloaded the zipped version of the converted Ising model notebook, and fired it up in Mathematica Player. The contents of the converted notebook look perfectly OK, but seem to be completely inactive, so you can't run the Ising model simulation. I haven't got the faintest idea what is wrong here, so I'll now go away to try to sort this problem out.

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